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National Crime Statistics Exchange (NCS-X) Project Enhancement

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The NCS-X project is consistent with other OJP national Justice Information Sharing (JIS) initiatives that seek to strengthen the criminal justice system. The NCS-X project will be designed to support the delivery of high-quality training and technical assistance to state, local and tribal criminal justice agencies; establishment of collaborative partnerships across the bounds of agency, discipline, and jurisdiction; and implementation of policies, practices, and enable replication of technology solutions to criminal justice system problems across the nation. In particular, BJS's implementation of NCS-X will seek to leverage OJP's JIS Program and DOJ's Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative. Successful applicants must demonstrate they can develop and support effective procedures for collaboration and coordination among stakeholders at the local, state, tribal, and federal levels, and understand the relationships between the proposed activities and other complementary initiatives across the country. Applicants must be willing and able to participate in, and contribute to, the national dialogue regarding effective strategies for information sharing and the use of technology to improve criminal justice outcomes. More information regarding current OJP's national programs and DOJ's Global-supported products and solutions is available at www.it.ojp.gov
Date Created: July 28, 2016