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BJS FY 15 2014 National Survey of Prosecutors

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The 2010 National Survey of Prosecutors (NSP-10) will collect information from a nationally representative sample of prosecutors’ offices that handle felony cases in state courts of general jurisdiction. Past iterations of the NSP have summarized the number of professionals and support staff employed in prosecutors’ offices, including full- and part-time employees, and the size of the office budget. Other survey data have included special categories of felony offenses prosecuted, (e.g., computer crimes), types of non-felony cases handled, number of felony cases closed, number of felony convictions, and number of juvenile cases proceeded against in criminal court. BJS has also collected information on emerging prosecutorial techniques, such as the use of DNA evidence and other issues relevant to prosecutors, such as work-related threats or assaults against. The objective of this project is to finalize and implement the 2010 National Survey of Prosecutors (NSP-10). Specific tasks will include developing a sampling plan, finalizing the data collection instrument, completing data collection, and submitting a final database and documentation for analysis and public dissemination staff.
Date Created: June 18, 2015