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50th Anniversary Celebration of the National Crime Victimization Survey

Event Dates
Department of Justice Great Hall and Office of Justice Programs Main Conference Room

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The Bureau of Justice Statistics is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the National Crime Victimization Survey on September 27, 2023. The celebration will consist of a morning session in the Great Hall at the Department of Justice and afternoon sessions in the Main Conference Room at the Office of Justice Programs. Panelists and speakers will include Department of Justice and Office of Justice Programs leaders, nationally recognized criminal justice researchers, practitioner leaders, and subject matter experts.

  • Morning session: The importance of the NCVS in informing criminal justice policies, the relevance of the NCVS in the federal statistical system, research using the NCVS, and the past, present, and future uses of the survey.
  • Afternoon sessions: Innovations to the NCVS over the decades; what we have learned from the survey on crime and victimization; and the outcome of research using the NCVS on critical topics, such as reporting to police, domestic violence, identity theft, and hate crime.

View the historical timeline that highlights milestones over the last 50 years of collecting data through the NCVS. 

Calling all undergraduate and graduate students! Show your skills with NCVS data.

As part of our recognition of the achievements of the NCVS over the last 50 years, we want to highlight how students use NCVS data. Learn more about how you can participate through the NCVS Student Spotlight Opportunity.

Date Created: June 14, 2023