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Survey of Inmates in Local Jails (SILJ)

Data Collection Status
1972, 1978, 1983, 1989, 1996, and 2002
Latest Data Available
Data Experts
Todd Minton, BJS Statistician
Collection Period

1996, 2002


Conducted periodically, the survey provides information on individual characteristics of jail inmates, current offenses and detention status, characteristics of victims, criminal histories, family background, gun possession and use, prior drug and alcohol use and treatment, medical and mental health history and treatment, vocational programs and other services provided while in jails, as well as other personal characteristics. Data are collected through personal interviews with a nationally representative sample of inmates in local jails. The survey utilized a two-stage sample design in which jails were selected in the first stage and inmates within local jails were selected in the second stage.

BJS is currently preparing to field the next iteration of the Survey of Inmates in Local Jails.

Date Created: May 26, 2009