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Supplemental Survey of Civil Appeals

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Suzanne M. Strong, PhD., BJS Statistician
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Civil Justice Survey of State Courts, Trials on Appeal (CJSSCTA) provided detailed statistical information on civil cases adjudicated at the appellate level in state courts. CJSSCTA collected information from court records on individual civil trials that were appealed to a state intermediate appellate court and/or court of last resort. The types of information collected included the types of civil cases appealed after trial to an intermediate appellate court or court of last resort, the impact of the appellate process on trial court outcomes, the extent that appellate claims are dismissed or withdrawn before being decided on the merits, the types of legal issues raised on appeal, the number of appeals ending in a published opinion, and the rate of judicial dissent at the appellate level. The CJSSCTA examined the flow of civil appeals from intermediate appellate courts to courts of last resort. Information was collected on the number of cases that go through both levels of appellate review and the effect of courts of last resort on litigation outcomes. The survey collected aggregate count information on the number of appeals referred to and settled through a court annexed alternative dispute resolution (ADR) program. See Civil Justice Survey Of State Courts (CJSSC).

Date Created: September 29, 2009