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Court Statistics Project (CSP)

Data Collection Status
Annually since 1975
Latest Data Available
Collection Period
Annually 1975-2007
The Court Statistics Project (CSP) provides a systematic means to develop a valid, uniform, and complete statistical database that details the operation of state court systems. It provides high-quality, baseline information on state court structure, jurisdiction, reporting practices, and caseload volume and trends. Effective management and planning at the local, state, and national levels depend on accurate, consistent, and comparable information to assess the business of the state courts, identify trends in litigation, and estimate future levels of demand. The CSP fulfills the vital role of translating diverse state court caseload statistics into a common framework that all states use when establishing their respective goals and policies. Information for the CSP's national caseload databases comes from published and unpublished sources supplied by state court administrators and appellate court clerks.

Date Created: May 26, 2009