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Census of Problem-Solving Courts (CPSC)

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Suzanne M. Strong, PhD, BJS Statistician
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The 2012 Census of Problem-Solving Courts (CPSC) involved the collection of data from all active problem-solving courts. In order to be considered a problem-solving court, it must have (1) operated within the judiciary, (2) operated under the direction of a judicial officer, (3) been active in the reference year, and (4) used therapeutic services to reduce recidivism. A variety of data elements were collected in this census, including type of court, number of participants, services provided, benefits of completing the court, and the exits from the court. CPSC includes drug, mental health, family, youth specialty, hybrid driving while intoxicated (DWI)/drug, DWI, domestic violence, veterans, tribal wellness, and other specialty courts.

Date Created: September 14, 2016