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Now hiring: Statistician (Confidentiality Officer)

BJS is seeking a Statistician (Confidentiality Officer) to design and operate its confidentiality program for access to BJS's statistical data, including implementing governing standards to assess data sensitivity, application of appropriate statistical disclosure limitation techniques, and disclosure risk procedures to determine appropriate tiered access methods. Job duties include but not limited to—

  • developing and implementing the Disclosure Review Program to perform comprehensive risk assessments on BJS's data assets
  • advising on and developing statistical policies, methods, and standards to protect confidentiality through all phases of the data lifecycle
  • performing research and development activities that support the use of statistical techniques to mitigate privacy threats and minimize risk of inadvertent disclosure of confidential data
  • providing advanced expertise on federal laws, regulations, policies, and other authorities governing confidentiality protection.

Applications are due by Monday, July 15, 2024. Apply now.

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Date Published: June 6, 2024