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Now hiring: Public Affairs Specialist (Digital Communications Manager)

BJS is seeking a Public Affairs Specialist (Digital Communications Manager), GS-1035-13, to plan, coordinate, and manage social media and web content. As part of the Communications Unit, this position will also help develop and implement digital communication strategies and lead projects and initiatives that support the agency’s modernization efforts. Job duties also include but are not limited to—

  • monitoring trends, tactics, and techniques to stay on the forefront of developments in technology and digital communications
  • designing, analyzing, reviewing, and reporting on project and campaign effectiveness to maximize results and inform future strategies
  • advising on and recommending potential projects and initiatives to improve the functionality and usability of the agency's website
  • working with supervisors to plan work for federal and contractor staff by setting and adjusting short-term priorities and preparing schedules for effective completion of work
  • developing and enhancing standard operating procedures (SOPs) with supervisors and team members to improve processes and report on progress of various projects and initiatives through briefings and memoranda.

Applications are due by Tuesday, June 25, 2024. Apply now.

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Date Published: June 10, 2024