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BJS and federal partners to talk about 2024 tribal justice data collections

BJS is hosting a fourth webinar to discuss the development and implementation of the 2024 Census of Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies (CTLEA) and Census of Tribal Court Systems (CTCS). After hearing from tribal leaders, tribal law enforcement, and tribal court system stakeholders in previous webinars, BJS also wants to hear from federal colleagues who may work with tribal justice systems or justice issues.

The goal of this listening session is to create a space for federal partners to highlight—

  • gaps in data collections that focus on tribal crime and justice
  • data needs that will inform federal programs and operations that support tribes
  • areas for improvement in tribal justice data analysis, reporting, and dissemination.

BJS Acting Director Kevin M. Scott, PhD, announced the new 2024 CTLEA and CTCS projects through a letter inviting all 574 federally recognized tribes in the United States to participate.

BJS hosted three tribal justice data webinars in February 2024 and a two-day in-person meeting in March 2024 to discuss possible updates to the CTLEA and CTCS survey instruments for the 2024 collections. The events served as listening sessions and allowed BJS to collect input on potential survey topics from people working in the tribal community and affiliated with the tribal justice systems. 

Date Published: April 18, 2024